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Inspecting a vacant property for pests

Is it water damage? Or is it termites? Looks can be deceiving when it comes to vacant properties with long-term damage. Let Craig Pest Control come out to settle the debate once and for all, then put ...

Summer Spider Treatments

Who has time to deal with SPIDERS?! Let us handle the creepy crawlies so you can focus on the fun stuff this Summer! For a free quote or to schedule a treatment: Call (901) 301-0526 Visit

New mosquito treatment

The mosquitos have officially moved in for the summer. Luckily, Craig Pest offers two different ways to deter them! Using them together can help maximize results, while protecting flowers and pollenat...

Tip to help with mosquitoes

In the case of gutter debris, "out of sight, out of mind" might be adding to your pest problem. Make sure your gutters stay clear and clean to maximize the efficiency of your pest control! Visit Craig...

April Mosquito Video

Warmer temps + rain = the perfect equation for mosquitos! Get ahead of these little blood suckers scheduling a mosquito treatment with Craig Pest Control. For a free quote or to book your treatment: C...

Let us handle those wasps!

Wasps, yellowjackets, hornets, OH MY! Don't waste your time with ineffective home remedies and "old wive's tales" to get rid of these territorial pests. Give Craig Pest a call to handle it all for you...

Exterior treatments

Never home to let service providers inside? Not comfortable letting strangers into your home? We get it! Don't let those concerns hold up your pest control. We can help with exterior treatments which ...

Craig Pest Control, Termites & Spring Special

Termites work fast and largely undetected... until their damage is beyond repair. Let Craig Pest investigate your yard for signs of termites. We can either treat the problem, or ensure a preventative ...

Eradicate rodents Youtube

Eliminate pesky rodents BEFORE your family arrives for the holidays! Call (901) 317-4296, text (901) 307-0526 or visit

Exterior Treatments Youtube

Exterior home treatments are essential during colder months to prevent pests from ever getting into your home. To schedule your treatment or receive a free estimate, call (901) 317-4296, text (901) 30...

No Pest November Video

Colder temps can mean all new pest problems at home. Let us help! For a free estimate or to schedule a treatment, call (901) 317-4296, text (901) 301-0526 or visit

Final Mosquito Treatment of the Season

Because mosquitos & wasps didn’t get the Fall memo yet. Call Craig Pest for one final mosquito and wasp treatment! Call (901) 317-4296 | Text (901) 301-0526 or visit

Don't let the creepy crawlies get you down!

We don't know about you, but we HATE spiders! That's why we are so well-versed in how to treat and prevent them. Call Craig Pest Control to protect your home today.

Why are mosquitoes worse after a rain?

Craig Pest Control can help you prevent a watery mosquito colony! Give us a call for a free quote today!

Home Pest Treatments

We pride ourselves on providing a comprehensive list of pest prevention services. Call Craig Pest Control today to help protect your home.

Termite Drill Holes Video

Let our experts safeguard your home against damaging termites. Call us for a termite inspection today!

Mosquito Treatment

Let us help you eliminate those pesky mosquitoes so you can get back to enjoying your beautiful yard.

We are Craig Pest Control

Welcome to our channel! Learn a little more about Craig Pest Control and how we can help protect your home.

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